The Prettiest Bridal Bouquet Styles

Just like you, many brides have much-awaited the part of the wedding wherein they’re finally able to walk down the aisle towards the man of their dreams. Hence, it’s understandable that you want this moment to be as perfect as it can get. So aside from wearing a lovely wedding gown, we know that holding a fine bridal bouquet is also important for you.

Why not begin your bouquet-hunting by choosing one from this compilation of prettiest bridal bouquet styles?

1. Nosegay

A nosegay is a bunch of flowers that are tightly put together using a ribbon and are cut into a uniform length. The popularity of nosegay is due to the many types of flowers that can be used for this style. In weddings, the bride usually holds the bigger nosegay while her bridesmaids hold the smaller ones.

Nonetheless, in case you’re wondering why it is called “nosegay”, you’d be glad to know that the term first emerged during the 15th century, when the word “gay” still means “ornament”. This style of flower bouquet was then used as an ornament to simply conceal unpleasant odors.

Nosegay Bouquet Style | We Love Weddings
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2. Posy

Aside from nosegay, posy is a bouquet style that’s popularly used for weddings. It is usually round and small enough to be held in one hand and it is composed mainly of flowers. Furthermore, a posy can work with a wide variety of flowers; thus it can be styled according to the theme or motif.

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3. Hand-Tied

A hand-tied bouquet is created by gathering flowers, foliage, and/or accessories in one hand and wrapping them all together in a ribbon or French braid until they are tightly fixed. In addition, the stems of the flowers are not cut in uniform length, making the bouquet appear more natural. This bouquet style is perfect for garden weddings.

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4. Cascade

A cascade is a very dramatic bouquet style. It is conventionally round at the top and then narrows down to a point. Hence, it resembles a waterfall of flowers, making it stunningly beautiful to look at. And since it already makes a bold style statement, it’s best to pair it with a just simple gown.

Cascade Bouquet Style | Deer Pearl Flowers
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5. Pageant (a.k.a. Arm Sheath)

Also known as arm sheath bouquet, a pageant bouquet is another alternative to nosegays and posies. It is a cluster of long-stemmed flowers and foliage that the bride carries in her arm. It can range from modest to intricate styles, depending on the bride’s taste.

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6. Round

Round is the most popular bouquet style for weddings because of its versatility. Yes, it can work for any type of wedding gown! Although only one kind of flower is commonly used for this style, it looks just as lovely as the other bouquet styles. With its simplicity and elegance, you can never go wrong with a round bouquet.

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7. Pomander (a.k.a. Pompander)

Traditionally, a pomander is a spherical arrangement of flowers that is carried by means of a ribbon handle at the top. Currently, however, the style has evolved into forms other than the ball-like one.

Moreover, a pomander is typically used for flower girls because it’s an easy-to-carry bouquet style. Nevertheless, brides can also opt for it if they want a bouquet that’s out of the ordinary.

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8. Wreath

A wreath bouquet style is ideal for a bride that wants to keep her hands free during the wedding. This style is open for tons of creativity and thus it can be easily suited to the theme and/or motif. Presently, it is gaining popularity among the brides-to-be.

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9. Composite (a.k.a. Glamelia)

For a bride who wants something unique and stylish, a composite bouquet is an excellent choice. Also known as glamelia, this bouquet style is made up of individual petals that are arranged and fastened together to create a new giant flower. It is important to know though that not all flowers can be used for this style. Oftentimes, lilies and orchids are utilized to construct a composite bouquet.

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Have you found your bridal bouquet style? Share your thoughts below.

Featured Image by Katelyn James