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The Prettiest Bridal Bouquet Styles


Just like you, many brides have much-awaited the part of the wedding wherein they’re finally able to walk down the aisle towards the man of their dreams. Hence, it’s understandable that you want this moment to be as perfect as it can get. So aside from wearing a lovely wedding gown, we know that holding a fine bridal bouquet is also important for you.

Why not begin your bouquet-hunting by choosing one from this compilation of prettiest bridal bouquet styles?

1. Nosegay

A nosegay is a bunch of flowers that are tightly put together using a ribbon and are cut into a uniform length. The popularity of nosegay is due to the many types of flowers that can be used for this style. In weddings, the bride usually holds the bigger nosegay while her bridesmaids hold the smaller ones.

Nonetheless, in case you’re wondering why it is called “nosegay”, you’d be glad to know that the term first emerged during the 15th century, when the word “gay” still means “ornament”. This style of flower bouquet was then used as an ornament to simply conceal unpleasant odors.

Nosegay Bouquet Style | We Love Weddings
Nosegay Bouquet Style | Wedding Forward
Nosegay Bouquet Style | The Wedding Scoop

2. Posy

Aside from nosegay, posy is a bouquet style that’s popularly used for weddings. It is usually round and small enough to be held in one hand and it is composed mainly of flowers. Furthermore, a posy can work with a wide variety of flowers; thus it can be styled according to the theme or motif.

Posy Bouquet Style | Perfect Wedding
Posy Bouquet Style | Posy Florals
Posy Bouquet Style | Design Corral

3. Hand-Tied

A hand-tied bouquet is created by gathering flowers, foliage, and/or accessories in one hand and wrapping them all together in a ribbon or French braid until they are tightly fixed. In addition, the stems of the flowers are not cut in uniform length, making the bouquet appear more natural. This bouquet style is perfect for garden weddings.

Hand-Tied Bouquet Style | Happy Wedd
Hand-Tied Bouquet Style | Two Birds Bridesmaid
Hand-Tied Bouquet Style | Brides of Adelaide

4. Cascade

A cascade is a very dramatic bouquet style. It is conventionally round at the top and then narrows down to a point. Hence, it resembles a waterfall of flowers, making it stunningly beautiful to look at. And since it already makes a bold style statement, it’s best to pair it with a just simple gown.

Cascade Bouquet Style | Deer Pearl Flowers
Cascade Bouquet Style | Bridal Musings
Cascade Bouquet Style | Style Me Pretty

5. Pageant (a.k.a. Arm Sheath)

Also known as arm sheath bouquet, a pageant bouquet is another alternative to nosegays and posies. It is a cluster of long-stemmed flowers and foliage that the bride carries in her arm. It can range from modest to intricate styles, depending on the bride’s taste.

Pageant Bouquet Style | Loverly
Pageant Bouquet Style | Hey Wedding Lady
Pageant Bouquet Style | Junebug Weddings

6. Round

Round is the most popular bouquet style for weddings because of its versatility. Yes, it can work for any type of wedding gown! Although only one kind of flower is commonly used for this style, it looks just as lovely as the other bouquet styles. With its simplicity and elegance, you can never go wrong with a round bouquet.

Round Bouquet Style | Wedding Guides
Round Bouquet Style | The Frosted Petticoat
Round Bouquet Style | Katelyn James

7. Pomander (a.k.a. Pompander)

Traditionally, a pomander is a spherical arrangement of flowers that is carried by means of a ribbon handle at the top. Currently, however, the style has evolved into forms other than the ball-like one.

Moreover, a pomander is typically used for flower girls because it’s an easy-to-carry bouquet style. Nevertheless, brides can also opt for it if they want a bouquet that’s out of the ordinary.

Pomander Bouquet Style | Belle The Magazine
Pomander Bouquet Style | Wedding Pin
Pomander Bouquet Style | Bloominous

8. Wreath

A wreath bouquet style is ideal for a bride that wants to keep her hands free during the wedding. This style is open for tons of creativity and thus it can be easily suited to the theme and/or motif. Presently, it is gaining popularity among the brides-to-be.

Wreath Bouquet Style | Wedding Colors
Wreath Bouquet Style | Junebug Weddings
Wreath Bouquet Style | Mille La Chouette

9. Composite (a.k.a. Glamelia)

For a bride who wants something unique and stylish, a composite bouquet is an excellent choice. Also known as glamelia, this bouquet style is made up of individual petals that are arranged and fastened together to create a new giant flower. It is important to know though that not all flowers can be used for this style. Oftentimes, lilies and orchids are utilized to construct a composite bouquet.

Composite Bouquet Style | Inside Weddings
Composite Bouquet Style | WedLuxe
Composite Bouquet Style | Fairbanks Florist

Have you found your bridal bouquet style? Share your thoughts below.

Featured Image by Katelyn James

Top 20 Wedding Color Combinations of All-Time


Colors are fascinating! They affect people in obvious and subtle ways. In fact, seeing them evokes certain feelings and emotions from us, which may subsequently influence our perception towards any experiences. Hence, choosing the color combinations of your wedding is one of the initial and crucial steps you have to take on planning for your big day.

To find the best color combinations, remember to consider these things: your skin tone, your venue, your preferred colors, your wedding season, the vibe that you want you and your guests to feel, and what would look good in pictures and videos.

If you have time, go to Pinterest and find tons of inspirations for your wedding. But since Wear This Ring loves to help couples out, we have already compiled the top 20 wedding color combinations of all-time for you! See them here:

1. Burgundy and Navy Blue

Burgundy and navy blue are two strong colors that elicit deep and serious emotions from people. Their combination represents the couple’s matured and passionate love for each other.

Burgundy and Navy Blue Color Combination | Pinterest

2. Marsala and Blush

Marsala and blush is a color combination that maintains its glam all-year round. The captivating marsala perfectly matches the pale yet sensual blush, together emanating lovely hues for everybody to see.

Marsala and Blush Color Combination | Pinterest

3. Dusty Rose and Mauve

The dramatic dusty rose combined with graceful mauve never fails to create an elegant sight in weddings. Their color combination further shows two people’s undying devotion to one another.

Dusty Rose and Mauve Color Combination | Pinterest

4. Coral and Turquoise

The combination of coral and turquoise demonstrates how harmonious opposites can be. This is best for couples who think that their differences make them love each other more.

Coral and Turquoise Color Combination | Pinterest

5. Tangerine and Hot Pink

A playful color combination, tangerine and hot pink elicits warmth and happiness in a wedding celebration. If you are a couple who likes to laugh and have fun, this may be a great wedding color combination for you.

Tangerine and Hot Pink Color Combination | Pinterest

6. Emerald and Gold

Emerald and gold is a color combination that shouts extravagance and radiance. This is perfect for couples who want their wedding to be heartfelt and sincere.

Emerald and Gold Color Combination | Pinterest

7. Mint and Peach

The combination of fresh mint and charming peach forms a simple yet breathtakingly beautiful color palette. It also conveys a young and vibrant love.

Mint and Peach Color Combination | Pinterest

8. Plum and Gray

The romantic union of plum and gray is one of the most popular color combinations in weddings. It is also a “safe” combination of colors because it always projects a timeless and formal vibe in any events.

Plum and Gray Color Combination | Pinterest

9. Black and White

Black and white is a classic color combination. It can be used for weddings that are strictly formal. And it’s amazing to see how the overwhelming power of black is being tamed by the pure innocence of white in this combination.

Black and White Color Combination | Pinterest

10. Blush and Gold

Express your sweetness and happiness by having a blush and gold color combination on your wedding day. This creates not only a delightful ambience for you and your guests, but also picturesque decors.

Blush and Gold Color Combination | Pinterest

11. Lime and Fuchsia

Lime and fuchsia is a youthful color combination. The playfulness of the former perfectly suits the cheerfulness of the latter. Their combination undoubtedly builds positivity on your big day.

Lime and Fuchsia Color Combination | Pinterest

12. Teal and Copper

The combination of teal and copper is surprisingly pretty to look at. Hence, it’s no wonder why a lot of couples choose this for their special day. Copper elicits passionate feelings, whereas teal exudes feelings of serenity.

Teal and Copper Color Combination | Pinterest

13. Blue and Purple

Blue and purple is a dark yet colorful combination. It emits nothing but richness, excellence, and beauty.

Blue and Purple Color Combination | Pinterest

14. Lilac and Lavender

Make your wedding more intimate by having a lilac and lavender color combination. These two lighter shades of purple help create a nostalgic atmosphere, allowing everyone to feel and be in the moment of celebration.

Lilac and Lavender Color Combination | Pinterest

15. Pink and Yellow

Choosing pink and yellow as your wedding color combination shows that you are celebrating your marriage to one another in high spirits! Let the joy of your loving hearts be seen all around through these colors on your wedding day.

Pink and Yellow Color Combination | Pinterest

16. Cream and Beige

Cream and beige is a neat color combination. It is good for couples who want a minimalist type of wedding.

Cream and Beige Color Combination | Pinterest

17. Red and Gold

A red and gold color combination is usually seen in traditional Chinese weddings. Nonetheless, all are welcome to use this combination. After all, it exhibits passionate love and immense wealth.

Red and Gold Color Combination | Pinterest

18. Dusty Blue and Ivory

There is no better partner for the ethereal dusty blue but the pristine ivory! This color combination has recently won the hearts of many, most especially when it comes to weddings.

Dusty Blue and Ivory Color Combination | Pinterest

19. Black and Gold

Couples who opt for a black and gold color combination generally prefer a sophisticated yet solemn wedding celebration. In this combination, the gold brings happiness to the world of black.

Black and Gold Color Combination | Pinterest

20. Emerald and Navy

Emerald and navy is a color combination that’s superb for nature-loving couples because its two colors mimic the forest and the sea. It is also a display of material abundance and emotional well-being.

Emerald and Navy Color Combination | Pinterest
Once you have finally decided on the color combination that you will use for your wedding, remember to let your suppliers know about it. For clarity and accuracy in colors, create a mood board (just like the images above!) and present it to them so all can visualize what you really want to see on your big day.

Featured Image by Clare Nicolson

The Complete List of Dream Wedding Essentials


A dream wedding does not happen in a snap. As a matter fact, a series of serious wedding planning and preparations needs to be done first before it materializes. Truth be told, all of these pre-wedding errands will be nothing short of stressful for you and your future spouse. From time to time, you will catch yourselves praying for more patience and understanding as you face some difficulties along the way. But don’t fret much! As long as you both work as a team, planning and preparing for your wedding day will be enjoyable and fulfilling for you too. Furthermore, these errands will help you learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which is exactly what you need before wearing the ring!

So, to help you start with your planning and preparations, here’s a complete list of essentials that will make your dream wedding come true!

Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue | Caline Ng Photography

This is where your wedding will take place. A venue can either be indoor or outdoor, depending on your preferences. Hotels and restaurants are great examples of indoor venues, while beaches and gardens are examples of outdoor ones. Moreover, it is best for you to check the climate of the place during your target month. Risking everyone’s safety on your wedding day must not be an option.

Aside from this, a wedding venue can be as near as your home backyard or as far as another country. Regardless of your choice, make sure to stick to your allotted budget for the wedding! Also, keep in mind the number of guests that you will invite to share the eventful day with you. Your chosen venue, therefore, must be able to accommodate all of them comfortably.

Wedding Preparation Venue

Wedding Preparation Venue | Daren Chong Photography

The venue where the on-the-day preparations for your wedding will occur is an essential as well. First, this is where some of your suppliers will meet you, i.e. coordinator, photographer, videographer, hair and makeup artist, florist, and bridal car driver. Second, your pre-wedding photo and video shoots will be done here. So, it’s best to get a room where natural light is abundant; and for this reason, many couples typically book rooms in a nice hotel for their wedding preparations. Of course, there are other options like renting a beautiful house or booking resort rooms. Just keep in mind that it should be near your wedding venue to avoid tardiness. Finally, this is where you will spend your last night as a single person. Make sure to enjoy the countdown by inviting some of your loved ones to stay overnight with you. But please do have enough sleep before your wedding day, okay?

Solemnizing Officer

Solemnizing Officer | White Ivory Photography

Alright, let’s be honest: not every couple dreams of having their wedding inside a church. Some couples want to have a whimsical garden wedding; while some others prefer a laid-back beach wedding. Likewise, there are couples in which the bride and the groom do not belong in the same religion and, thus, they are not allowed to get married in the church (unless one of them decides to convert to the other’s religion). So considering these complexities, is it still possible for these couples to get married? Well, lucky for them, the answer is YES. Particularly, the answer is a solemnizing officer (SO).

According to Executive Order No. 209: The Family Code of the Philippines 1987 (Chapter 1, Articles 7 and 8), a marriage may be solemnized by these individuals: (1) any member of the judiciary who is currently holding an office, (2) any priest, rabbi, imam, or minister of any church or religious sect, granted that at least one of the couple belongs to the solemnizing officer’s church or religious sect, (3) any ship captain or airplane chief when at least one of the couple is at the point of death, (4) any military commander of a unit or battalion during a military operation when at least one of the couple is at the point of death, and (5) any consul-general, consul or vice-consul at the Philippine Embassy abroad, provided that the couple are both Filipino citizens and are male and female. Furthermore, a marriage shall be solemnized publicly in an open court, in a church, chapel or temple, or in the office the consul-general, consul or vice-consul. In cases where at least one of the couple is at the point of death or where both of them request the solemnizing officer in writing, the marriage may be solemnized at a house or place designated by them in a sworn statement to that effect.


Caterer | Shelly Goodman Photography

Remember this: a wedding is not a celebration without good food! Hiring an excellent caterer will boost the probability of your guests enjoying the day with happy tummies. After all, it’s great to hear how satisfied they are with the food at your wedding, right?

Other than providing food and drinks for your wedding, caterers nowadays offer basic to premium venue styling as well. If the budget permits, why not get this add-on and make your wedding extra special? The styling will not only enhance the look of your venue but it will also make whatever you are offering on the table more inviting (and more instagrammable!). So go and ask for caterers’ packages and see what’s best for your needs.

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator | Money Crashers

It is certain that a super hands-on engaged couple like you will plan your wedding even to the tiniest details during the preparations. However, come wedding day, you will not be able to do anything much with whatever that is happening around you. Both of you will be extremely busy to even notice and take control of everything.

Now, this is when a wedding coordinator comes to the rescue! Whether you will book for a full, a partial, or just an on-the-day coordination, having a reliable someone to organize all the activities and check if everything is going smoothly and according to plans will be a tremendous relief on your part. Thus, if you really want to enjoy your day and be completely in the moment, do not forget to hire an outstanding wedding coordinator.

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer | Kennfoo Weddings

A lovely way to catch the highlights of your dream wedding is through photos! The music will stop and the lights will turn off, but the photos of your day will remain captured. Thus, getting a wedding photographer can be considered as an investment. Photos will last through your married years, and it will always be sweet to look at them together once in a while.

But, remember, don’t just hire any photographer. Hire someone who is superbly talented and certainly a professional because, more probably than not, he knows what to do in order to take beautiful photos. Assigning the job of a wedding photographer onto a relative or a friend is definitely a recipe for disaster. So don’t you ever think about it, okay?

Wedding Videographer

Wedding Videographer | Blinkbox Photos

Aside from photos, a wedding video is also for keeps! Invest on a fantastic professional videographer and watch your dream wedding turns into a short romantic film. Don’t skimp on this one if you want to view your video again and again for a number of years.

Nowadays, a wedding program usually ends by playing a Same-Day-Edit (SDE) video, which shows the wedding highlights, for everyone at the venue to see. As you watch together with your loved ones, and most especially with your newlywed spouse, remember to savour all the bits and pieces of captured motions from your dream wedding. Be ready to laugh and cry as the wonderful moments are being flashed once again right before your eyes!

Wedding Attire

Wedding Attire | Jane Z Photography

Admit it or not, one of the questions that linger in your mind right now is: “What should I wear to my dream wedding?” If you’re a bride-to-be, you are most likely preoccupied during this time with thoughts of where to find the perfect wedding dress for you. Thankfully, you have the internet. Start browsing through the numerous wedding dress collections you can search and save the ones you really like in a folder. Then look for a couturier that can make a similar dress for you. Do these steps again when looking for your groom’s perfect suit. Additionally, decide on what the members of your entourage will wear as early as possible so you will have time to hunt for those. Don’t be shy to ask for their help if ever you’ll need some. Nevertheless, don’t forget about your guests’ attire! Go for easy-to-find ones and give them enough time to prepare for their attire as well.

Hair and Makeup Artist

Hair and Makeup Artist | Green Glass Photography via Lizzie Griffiths

Just like every bride, you would love to be at your most beautiful during your wedding day. You would further want to be photo- and video-ready at all times. Hence, looking tired and stressed would certainly be a no-no for you. So what can you do to ensure that you will achieve your dream bridal look? The answer is a no-brainer: hire a professional hair and makeup artist (HMUA).

At the hands of a skillful HMUA, your natural beauty will be enhanced without making you look like someone else. This will undoubtedly boost and maintain your self-confidence throughout the day. In addition, your HMUA can help bring the radiant happiness you are feeling inside out for everyone to see.

A tip for you: when scouting for the best HMUA, go ahead and avail a lot of trial hair and makeup sessions, because this will make it easier for you to select who among them can make you standout on your wedding day. Also, if possible, ask for their packages and see if they can work on the looks of your groom and your whole entourage as well. What can be nicer than everyone looking great in photos and videos, right?

Event Stylist

Event Stylist | Lorena San Jose

If you think you don’t need an event stylist just because you want your dream wedding to be as simple as it can get, then you’re wrong. You have to bear in mind that simple must not equate to dull and boring. And honestly, having an event stylist who just knows what to do to make every little detail in your wedding lively and lovely is an outright blessing.

Now, if the wedding budget is your concern, try to check whether your caterer, coordinator, florist, or venue provider offer venue styling too or not. Mind you, there’s a high chance that they do! So don’t hesitate to ask and let yourselves save a few thousands of dollars.


Florist | Sara Lynn Photo

Take some pressure off your shoulders and hire a professional florist for your wedding. Traditionally, a florist is the one who will provide your bridal bouquet, entourage bouquets, flower baskets, boutonnieres, and corsages. In other words, the crucial tasks of flower arrangement and management on the day of your wedding should all be left to her.

Nevertheless, spending too much on flowers is not advisable if your budget is limited. It would be best to inform your chosen florist about your constraints as early as possible. Ask her then to look for alternative flowers that are economically priced yet still look pretty.

Lights and Sounds

Lights and Sounds | Pat Dy Photography

Oftentimes, your chosen venue offers basic lights and sounds. This is actually good enough if you don’t care much about the look and feel of your wedding. But since we are talking of a dream wedding here, getting a professional lights and sounds provider will be a fantastic course of action.

You see, adding more lights to your venue can magnify your wedding theme and motif. It can also elicit positive emotions and reactions from your guests. Furthermore, these lights can assist both your photographer and videographer in capturing the best moments of your day. Meanwhile, additional pieces of sound equipment can help drive everyone’s mood. Also, the clearer the sounds they can hear, the more attentive they can become towards your program. In a nutshell, putting extra lights and sounds to your venue can make your dream wedding more magical.

DJ / Band

Band | Passionate Wedding Photography

Let’s face it: music gives more life to weddings! From ceremony to reception, it will set the tone of your wedding. It will definitely lift the excitement level of every person who is going to be there; and, yes, that includes you and your future spouse.

Moreover, you can create a playlist that matches your theme! For example, you can pick instrumental love songs for a classic romance theme or Disney movie soundtracks for an enchanted fairy tale one. We assure you, your wedding will be much more enjoyable with music. So if you want you and your guests to be engrossed with emotions during the ceremony and to sing along with a song and dance the night away during the reception, get a reputable band or DJ that will play great music at your wedding.

Wedding Host / Emcee

Wedding Host / Emcee | Benjie Tiongco

Bear this in mind: between ceremony and reception, the latter gets the bigger chunk of your wedding day. Subsequently, this gives you the idea that your host during the reception will have a big role in it. It is, therefore, important to check out your shortlisted hosts thoroughly before getting their service.

Usually, your caterer and/or coordinator will offer you a host as an add-on, and you can grab this right away, assuming that you’re on a tight budget or you’re too busy to look for other hosts anymore. However, if you already have in mind specific qualities that you want to see in a host, then go ahead and look for that person. After all, an awesome host is essential for a successful dream wedding. He will be the key person to keep everybody entertained throughout the program.

Wedding Cards

Wedding Cards | Jason Thomas Crocker

Handing out wedding cards is an efficient way to let people know about your big day. However, there are various kinds of wedding cards and each one serves a different purpose from the others. To start, giving a Will You Be card is a great idea to ask someone to be a part of your entourage. Doing this would make the recipient feel special and think that you’re really sincere in choosing her to play a major role on your wedding day. Next is a Save the Date card, which is given to people whom you want to invite to your wedding at least 6 months before the date. This will allow them to mark their calendars and adjust their schedules accordingly. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be formally written and it should only disclose the date, time, and venue of your wedding. Following the Save the Date card is the Invitation card. This is typically distributed a month before the date. It should be formally written and equipped with the complete necessary details of your wedding, including the attire, map, and RSVP card. Then, of course, you can send your guests a Thank You card a week after to let them know how much you appreciate their presence at your wedding.

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings | A&A Photography

The exchanging of rings during the ceremony is a very essential part of a wedding. It is the point where the couple declare their lifelong love and fidelity to each other. Just like a circle, rings neither have beginning nor end, symbolizing eternal love in marriage. Certainly, it will be one of the highlights of your wedding; hence, constantly remind your chosen best man or maid of honour of his or her duty to handle your wedding rings with care and provide them at the moment they are needed.

Wedding rings may be worn on the left or right ring finger, depending on the couple’s traditions. However, it is now common for many couples to choose to wear it on their left ring finger. Aside from this, wedding rings can be made more personal thru engraving. You can opt to put your names and wedding date or a simple short statement like “Forever and Always” inside your rings. Indeed, it will be all up to you, so be romantically creative!

Unity Candle, Veil, Cord, and Coins

Unity Candle, Veil, Cord, and Coins | Jeff and Lisa Photography

Besides the exchanging of rings, there are other rituals performed during the wedding ceremony. In fact, it is in these rituals where your secondary sponsors will play their part.

To begin, the lighting of a unity candle symbolizes two different individuals joining together as one. For some people, it further means that two families will be fused into one by virtue of the couple’s marriage. It also symbolizes the commitment of two individuals to keep their love burning throughout their lifetime. Meanwhile, the veil ritual symbolizes the union of the couple as well. The veil reminds them that they belong only to each other, emphasizing the importance of faithfulness to one another in the years to come. Next is the cord ritual, which symbolizes marriage as the unbreakable bond between the couple. The cord also stands for an endless love that keeps a relationship strong despite the many challenges that it would face. Lastly, the coins or arras ritual symbolizes the supervision of all the couple’s possessions. It further represents the mutual support and responsibility of the couple with each other.

Bridal Car

Bridal Car | Jessica Davies Photography

Arrive at your dream wedding in style by means of a bridal car! If you don’t know anything much about cars, then seek help from your groom-to-be regarding which car you should choose. Furthermore, you can look for a supplier who is well-known and trusted on bridal car rental services. This supplier usually has a roster of cars where you can select your bridal car according to your personality or wedding theme, e.g. get a vintage Jaguar if you are having a classic vintage theme. Don’t forget, however, to choose a bridal car that can fit you and your future spouse inside comfortably. Also, tell your supplier to make sure that your chosen car is in a 100% good condition on the day of your wedding to avoid any hassle or accident.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake | Krista Lee Photography

On these days, a dream wedding isn’t complete without a fancy cake. Usually made in at least three to four layers, a wedding cake acts as a “centerpiece” during the reception. Its design, in addition, typically reflects your personalities and preferences as a couple. With regard to wedding cake flavors, the most popular ones are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Although be sure to grab any opportunity that will enable you to taste your cake beforehand.

A cake cutting ceremony is customarily done at the start of the reception. Together, you will slice a piece of cake and then you will share it with one another. This further symbolizes your union and your commitment to provide for and support each other. Moreover, wedding cakes are traditionally distributed to everyone during or after the reception because it is believed that this will bring good luck. But nowadays, you can opt to share it only with your family.

Wedding Favors and Souvenirs

Wedding Favors and Souvenirs | Brad and Jen

Send away your guests with a little something! Wedding favors can be anything — cake, cookies, mints, succulents, fans, combs, photos, or tumblers. The options are almost limitless and rely heavily on your thoughtfulness and creativity. In fact, many couples go for DIY wedding favors. Doing this not only makes your favors more personalized but also it allows you to bond with each other during your wedding preparations. Keep in mind though that these do not need to be expensive. They only have to be something that your guests will be happy to receive. It’s already a plus if they will find them useful. After all, giving wedding favors just shows how grateful you are for their presence at your wedding.

Featured Image by Eden Strader